Dec 09

Bo Dangles: I'm Baaaack

So it seems some fans found me on the net and encouraged me to start broadcasting here again. It is nice to talk to everyone again and I am glad to have returned!The problem with broadcasting here was that many times I would not be allowed to do so. If there are a lot of models on you have to be in a high percentile rank to broadcast. Hopefully, with your help, I can broadcast here more and perhaps even make ends meet doing so!Times are tough for many people, I know. They certainly are for me. Thanks to my fans here and elsewhere I will be able to cover my utilities for the month it seems, that means a lot to me. If i can make due here for a bit longer I should be able to get back to work at a regular job and have fun here in the evenings. Please support me any way you choose to do so!Much love to you all, I love to be sexy for you on cam and help you get off, that, is what gets ME off ;pKeep it wet,Bo

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Dec 07

Derrick Haynes: Long Time No See

Hello everyone. I want to personally apologize for being ghost for so long.Lots of things have been happening in my life. I have moved into a really nice townhouse, a step up from the little apartment that I was in, LOL. I have had stress and difficulties with my mechanic job, so I am trying to get things going were I work for myself fixing things here at home. And I have had a lot of family members in and out of the hospital. Starting next week I will be online, on the site here and I am really looking forward to talking with all of you again. Love,Derrick.

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Dec 06

Damoon: One Day

one day i went to run in the park and i remember that some men seeing me and one of them say me. hey guy nice ass, and i felt anger but then the another man approached to me and say hey excuse my brotter him only is kidding, whats your name?and i told him my nameI told him my name and he told me to train together and i say ok and now they and me are the best friends

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Dec 04

Landon Carlson: Dream

Had the same recurring dream again last night. I was in a bathroom somewhere and two hot tattooed men came in. There eyes met mine, then they grabbed me and double stuffed my tight lil ass. They choked me as they pounded my tight ass then they made me get on my knees as they shot their hot creamy loads all over my face. Woke up with my sheets covered with precum and cum.

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